Qatar Airways Reservations

The Qatar Airlines Booking processes can be all classified into online processes and offline processes. People choose different methods of booking the tickets based on their preferences and convenience. Some people like to go for the online methods and other prefer to stay with offline ones. In case you don’t want to go to airport to manually book the tickets, you can book the tickets online by using the official website of Qatar airlines.

When it comes to booking your tickets, different people have different choices of the methods to book the tickets. For example, if you want to do the Qatar Airlines Reservations you can choose out of the offline and online methods. The offline methods don’t require internet and the online methods do require it. Here we will look at some good offline methods of booking your tickets with Qatar airlines.

Qatar Airways Booking The Tickets By Going To The Airport

If airport is near to you or you are going near the airport for some work, you can have Qatar Airlines Booking by visiting the airport. All the airports have a reservation centre where you can go to book your tickets. In the reservation centre there will be various windows from where the tickets can be book. The step wise process for the same is mention below:

  1. Go to the reservation centre and ask for the reservation form.
  2. Fill the details in the reservation form including the details of the flight and passenger details.
  3. After the form is completely filled, you have to hand over the form to the ticketing executive.
  4. Based on the details in the form, the executive will find the flight and book the tickets for you.
  5. You will be ask to do the payment using the available payment options. The option of paying in cash is also available in this method.

When the above steps are done, your ticket will be book and you will be get a hard copy of the ticket. Now the above is the method that can be followed if you visit the airport. In case you find that airport is far away from you and it will be difficult for you to go to the airport, there is still aother option for you.

Qatar Airways Booking The Tickets From The Nearby Kiosk Centre

You can visit the nearby Kiosk centre and do the Qatar Airlines Flight Booking there. There are many Kiosk Centres of different airlines in the cities and you can visit the nearest Qatar airlines Kiosk centre to book your tickets. The executive at Kiosk centre will guide and support you through the complete process of Qatar airlines ticket booking.

A similar process as mention above while booking the tickets will be follow at the Kiosk centre as well. Here also, you have to provide the details of the passengers and details of the flight you want to board. The payment also done by cash or card. Hence if you find any of the Kiosk Centre near to you, you can visit that Kiosk centre and book your tickets.

Thus, we have seen in detail, the different offline methods to do Qatar airlines flight booking. In the methods mentioned above, you have to either visit the airport or Kiosk centre for booking. If you want, you can call the customer care and book the tickets from your home only.

Booking The Tickets By Calling The Customer Care Of Qatar Airlines

In case you want to do Qatar Airlines Reservations, from the comfort of your home, you can call the customer care and book your tickets on the call. The step by step process for booking the tickets by calling the customer care are as follows:

  1. Call the customer care number of Qatar Airlines
  2. Let the executive know that you want to book the flight tickets of Qatar airlines
  3. The executive will ask you several details like details of your flights.
  4. You have to tell the executive about your date of travel and source as well as destination airports.
  5. Based on the information provided by you, the executive will find out the flight.
  6. After this he will proceed with the booking of the flight.
  7. He will also ask you the details of the passengers who will travel with the flight.
  8. He will ask you to do the payments through the available payment modes.
  9. Once the payment is done from your side, he will give you the confirmation that your tickets are booked.
  10. He will also give you a confirmation number at the time of booking. You have to write this number somewhere and keep it safe as it will be require for future references.

The above is the complete process of Qatar Airlines Booking by calling the customer care. Now that we have looked at all the offline methods of booking the tickets, let’s have a look at the online processes of booking the tickets as well.

Qatar Airways Booking Online Processes

The online methods for Qatar Airlines Flight Booking are the methods which are used to book the tickets by the use of internet. You will require a computer or smartphone to book the tickets online. You will also require internet connection on your device to execute the process. Here is the step by step process of doing online bookings with Qatar airlines through the official website of Qatar airlines.

  1. The first step is to open the official website of Qatar airlines and register an account with them.
  2. In the registration process, you have to do the email confirmation. After the email confirmation, your registration process is complete..
  3. The next step is to login to the website using the credentials that you used in registration.
  4. After you login, the next step is to click on the option to book the tickets.
  5. On clicking this option, you will be taken to the search screen, where you can search your prefer flight.
  6. You can search the flights based on the search filters available.
  7. For example, the flights can be search based on your travel itinerary and date of travel.
  8. All the flights according to the search filters you select, will be list with their cost.
  9. You have to see the list and select the best flight.
  10. On selection of the flight, you will be taken to the next screen where you have to enter the passenger details.
  11. In the passenger details screen, the different details of the passengers like name, age and gender need to be provided.
  12. After you have provide the details, you will be take to the payment screen to do the payment.
  13. You can pay for the ticket through the credit or debit card.
  14. Your credit card or debit card should have sufficient balance in it to do the payment.
  15. These days there are other payment options like UPI or IMPS are also available for the payment.
  16. After completing payment process you will get your ticket confirmation.
  17. The details of your tickets will be email to your registered email ID.
  18. The confirmation Number need to be store for future references.

Hence, the above is the process of Qatar Airlines Booking through online mode. The process that we follow to book the tickets with official website, the similar process can be used to book the tickets by using official app of Qatar airlines on the smartphone.

Booking The Tickets Through The Official App Of Qatar Airlines

When we do Qatar Airlines Flight Booking through the official app, only the initial registration process is different. The rest of the process is similar to the one that is mention above. In this case, first you have to do the registration with the app. For that, first you have to find the app on play store, download it and then install it on your device. After the app is installed on your device, you will be required do the registration. In the registration process, an OTP verification will be require. Once the OTP verification is done successfully, your registration is complete and you can easily sign in to the app.

After you have login to the app, you have to click the option of booking the tickets. Then the same process as mentioned for booking the tickets online through the official website should be follow to book the tickets.


Some of the important FAQs related to the Qatar airlines are as follows:

Is booking process through the app is similar to that of booking through the official website?

Yes the booking process through the app, is similar to that of booking with the official website. There is only a difference in the initial registration process.

Is boking by visiting the airport similar to booking by going Kiosk centre?

Yes the process of booking the tickets through the reservation centre in airport and through the Kiosk Centre is quite similar.

What is the best way to get cheap tickets of Qatar Airlines?

The best way is to book the tickets as early as possible. The earlier you book the tickets, the cheaper tickets you will get.

Is it possible to book the tickets through the third party websites?

Yes, it is possible to book the tickets through the third part websites. However, as there are many such websites, it is important to find the website that is giving you cheap tickets.

Is it possible to book the tickets through the third party apps?

Yes, it is possible to book the tickets through the third party apps. However, as there are many such apps, it is important to find the apps that are giving you the highest discounts on the ticket price.