Qantas Airlines Reservations

Qantas Airlines is one of the biggest airlines of Australia. It is the largest airlines in Australia based on the fleet size as well as international flights. This airline is also the third oldest airline in the whole world. Here in this article, we will see the complete Qantas Airlines Reservations process. Apart from the step by step process of booking the flight tickets, we will have a look at some other important aspects related to the ticket booking with this airlines.

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Reservations Process for Qantas Airlines

The complete Qantas Airlines Reservations process can be divided in to offline processes and online processes. In the offline processes the tickets are booked offline that is without the use of the internet. In the online processes, the tickets are booked online that is by the use of internet. There are different ways through which the tickets can be booked and one must try to select his method based on his preferences. Now, we will have a look at both the offline processes and online processes in detail.

Qantas Airlines Online Reservations Processes

When we consider the Qantas Airlines Online Booking processes or the processes involving internet, there are 2 main methods. One is by the official website of Qantas airlines which is and the other is through the official ticket booking app of Qantas airlines. We will have a look at both these methods in detail.

Online Booking through the Qantas Airlines Website

The Qantas Airlines Online Booking process through the website is simple and anyone with good knowledge of computer and websites can book the tickets. You will require a working internet connection on your device for the same. Here is the step by step process of booking the tickets through the website.

  1. Login and Registration

When you visit the official website having URL,, you will be required to first login and register an account with the website. For the registration, you have to click on the register option and enter your details. You will be required to enter the email ID and an email verification will be done to complete the registration.

After you have registered the account with the website, you will have the username and password credentials with you, which you have to use to login to the account. You have to open the homepage of the website to login to your account.

  • Searching the flights

The next important step in Qantas Airlines Online Booking is to search for the flight that you want to travel with. There will be a number of search filters, through which you can search your desired flight. These filters include source airport, destination airport and date of travel. Along with these filters you can search based on the type of trip, round trip or one way trip.

When you will click on the search button, a number of flights based on your preferences will be listed along with their cost. You have to select the flight which seems best to you and then click on the option to proceed further.

  • Entering the relevant information

Once you have selected your flight to travel, you will be taken to the next screen where you have to enter the details of the passengers who are going to travel with the flight. The particulars of the passengers including the name, age and gender needs to be provided to proceed with the further process.

  • Executing the payment

After everything is finalized, you will be taken to the payment screen, where you have to proceed with the payment execution. You can choose the option of paying through the debit card, credit card or UPI option. You have to add your card to the system and then process the payment. The payment information that you are going to enter is safe and secure. So you don’t have to worry about anything.

When the payment is complete, you will be given the notification that your ticket is successfully booked. The details of the tickets along with the confirmation number will also be sent to your email ID. This is the same email ID that you used to register the account with the website.

Online Booking through the Qantas Airlines Official App

Now, we will have a look at the process of Qantas Airlines Reservations through the official app of Qantas airlines. You will require a mobile device to install the app. Along with the mobile device, you will also require working internet connection on the device to use this method. The step by step process of this method is mentioned below:

  1. Download and Installation
  2. Login and Registration
  3. Performing Search of the flight
  4. Entering passengers info
  5. Executing the payment

The above are the five important steps of doing the reservations with Qantas airlines through the official app. In the first step, you are required to download and install the app on your device. Depending on the device that you operate, you can download the app from the play store or app store and after downloading, you can install the app. After the installation is complete, you have to open the app and do the registration process. You will be required to do the OTP verification to do the registration. Once the registration is done, you can login to your account with the app. In case of any problem, the Qantas Airlines Reservation Number can be called.

On login, you can click on the option to book the ticket. You will be taken to a screen, where you can search for your desired flight. Different flights based on your preferences will be listed along with their cost. You can screen the listing and select the best one for you. On selecting the flight you will be taken to the next screen, where you have to enter the information of the passengers who are going to travel in the flight. The final step is the execution of payment, finishing which you will be notified of the successful booking of your tickets. Hence, this is the simple process of booking the tickets through the official app of Qantas airlines.

Qantas Airlines Offline Reservations Processes

Now that we have looked at the online processes, we will now have an insight on the offline processes of booking the tickets. The offline processes are the ones, in which no internet is required in the process of booking. Some common offline methods are:

  1. Booking the tickets by visiting the airport
  2. Booking the tickets by Visiting the Kiosk Centres
  3. Booking the tickets by calling the customer care

The first method is of booking the flight tickets by visiting the reservation centre in airport. On visiting the airport and reservation centre, they will handover to you a form, filling which you can book your tickets. In the form, you have to mention about the details of the flight as well as information related to the passengers. The executive will look for the availability in the system and based on it he will book your tickets.

The second offline method of booking the tickets is through the Kiosk Centres of the Qantas airlines located in the city. You have to visit the nearby Kiosk centre and let them know that you want to book the tickets. The executive will support you through the complete process to book your tickets. He will also help you in searching for your best flight. Finally you will be asked to execute the payments through the available payment options. This is the simple process of booking the tickets through the Kiosk Centres of the Qantas airlines.

The third and the most convenient offline method of booking the Qantas airlines ticket is by calling at the customer care department on the Qantas Airlines Reservation Number of the airline. You can call the customer care and let the executive know that you want to book a ticket. The executive will ask you details about the desired flight and the passenger information. After getting the information from your side, the executive will book your tickets. He will ask you to do the payment and on successful execution of the payment he will book the tickets.

Thus, the above are the three simple methods of booking the tickets offline. The best way out of the above is to visit the airport and book your tickets yourself. This will help you to get cheapest tickets of Qantas airlines. This is due to the fact that when you book the tickets from the airport, there are no extra commissions. Hence you end up in getting cheap tickets. The most convenient way is to call the Qantas Airlines Reservation Number.

FAQs Qantas Airlines Reservations

Some of the FAQs related to the Qantas Airlines are as follows:

  1. Can I cancel my tickets once booked with Qantas airlines?
  2. Yes you can cancel the tickets at any time, if you want. You will also be entitled for the refund of the same.
  3. Can I upgrade my seats of the ticket booked with Qantas Airlines?
  4. Yes, you can upgrade the tickets to the business class. You have to pay for the extra cost of the upgraded seats.
  5. Can I carry pet with me on the flight during travel?
  6. Yes, you can carry pet with you on the flight.
  7. Will I be charged extra charges for the extra baggage?
  8. Yes, there is an extra flat fee for the extra baggage that you carry with you on the flight.
  9. Will I get the refund on my cancelled ticket?
  10. Yes you are entitled to the refunds on cancelling your tickets. The exact amount of refund will vary from case to case.