Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Read Turkish airlines cancellation policy

This airline is famous worldwide as it offers the best customer satisfaction to its passengers. Therefore to lessen the burden and ease out the hassle, Turkish Airlines provide a favorable cancellation policy to the customers. 

Here are some of the examples of Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy

Customers who have booked their tickets in advance over Turkish Airlines are given the flexibility to cancel the flight before one hour of its departure. In contrast, the majority of leading airline companies won’t even consider the option of cancellation after the respected booking done by the customers. 

When the term flight cancellation comes in the mind of a passenger, his/her mind automatically transfers to the other most crucial thing refund. There are specific parameters and criteria to obtain a refund when they initiate the request for Turkish airlines flight cancellation.

However, as per the policies of Turkish Airlines, customers can have the benefit of a complete refund or even a partial refund at a minimum level after the request is generated.  

A simple rule from the Department of Transportation, which states that airlines must hold a reservation at the quoted fare for 24 hours without payment or allow a ticket to be canceled within 24 hours without penalty. Most airlines offer the latter (and many do even when they also provide the first option).

As per the rules, the passengers who cancel their Turkish Airline flight tickets between 1-12 hours before the departure are liable to pay the forty percent fee for the cancellation. 

But, if the flight is canceled within 24 hours of booking, Turkish airlines provide a complete refund of the full ticket fare only if the tickets were booked before a week or more the travel date.   

This policy gives customers an ample amount of time to reschedule the dates, time, and even the destination after cancellation. 

Whenever a person visits the webpage of Turkish Airlines, certain flights clearly come under the nonrefundable standard. These flight tickets are not considered for the refund after cancellation even after following the rules of canceling before a specific timeline.

In exceptional cases, if you have purchased a nonrefundable ticket, in those cases generally, Turkish airlines cancellation fee will be deducted from the original cost of your flight, and then any remaining value is provided as a credit/voucher that can be used towards the purchase of another ticket.   

Turkish Airlines offers the facility to claim the refund after canceling eligible flight tickets on its airlines. Only by filling out the request form on the official Turkish Airlines website, the request is processed within  7 to 8 days from making the request. But basic economy fares typically cannot be changed or canceled at all after the 24-hour grace period (if it applies). If you can’t go, you’ll lose the full value of the ticket. You can try the same method above for a nonrefundable ticket—work the charm and hope for the best—but most likely, you’ll lose the full value of the card.

While canceling the tickets, the customers will only receive taxes that were collected at the time of booking. Fuel duty and ticketing charges are not considered as a part of the refund amount. Turkish airline cancellation fee may seem quite high, but once the refund is received, customers are purely satisfied. 

How to cancel Turkish Airlines flight tickets

  • Before doing anything else, customers would require to navigate to the Turkish Airlines website.
  • After that, you have to select the ‘Check-in / Manage Booking’ tab.
  • Now, you are filling in the ‘Ticket Number or the Reservation Code’ (PNR) and then ‘Passenger Surname.’
  • After that, you will require proceeding by tapping on the option next to the ‘Passenger Surname’ option.
  • In this way, you will redirect to manage the booking page, and there you would have several options to manage your flight bookings.
  • Also, you will see the option to cancel your flight booking, click on that, and follow the instructions.

So these were the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy and procedures of the renowned Turkish Airlines. Some of the other pointers include:

Turkish airlines do not provide any cancellation or refunds on international flights.

Turkish Airlines’ domestic flights, on making flight cancellations or requesting refunds, only collected taxes would be refunded, which includes the fuel duty and ticketing fees that are not included in the refunded charges. Moreover, the refund is subjected to pay only airport taxes. Also, charges for flight cancellation or refund is applied after the fees, ticketing service charges have been deducted from the total flight fare.

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Turkish Airlines Cancellation Info Contact Details

DepartmentsContact Number
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy+1-(800) 481-7686
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy Fax90 212 465 21 21
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In HAMID KARZAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT93707118949
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Albania355 4 2240965
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Algeria City Office213 23 92 42 20
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Algeria (Oran) City Office00 213 418 38 265
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Atlanta1 404 841 8 849
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Boston1 857 233 5718
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Chicago1 312 595 08 49
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Houston1 713 877 0703
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Los Angeles310 640 8991 93
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Miami1 800 874 8875
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In New York1 212 261 0470
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In San Francisco1 415 510 77 77
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Seattle Cargo EmailTKCARGOSALES-WESTUSA@THY.COM
Turkish Airlines Cancellation Number In Washington DC1 703 992 0476 7/24