Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

Know About Thai Airways Cancellation

There are very simple ways to cancel your flights in Thai airways. Thai airways cancellation policy is very simple to do. There are some rules and regulations on it to follow.

If you want to cancel your tickets from Thai airways so you have to cancel it 12 hours before departure of flights. If you missed it then they have to charge it. Thai airways cancellation fee are for those people who are canceling their tickets after booking for 24 hours. You can put a complaint or ask for a refund also when the flight is delayed or canceled for more than 5 hours. After canceled flights you have rights to food, they provide drinks and food also. If it is necessary they provide accommodation also. Even a medical emergency if you or your family member died or suffered any diseases, so you can just request them for Thai airways cancellation charges. They accept your request and you do not pay in this situation.

Thai Airways Ticket Cancellation Charges

Thai airways cancellation fees are applied when the person cancels their tickets after 24 hours of buying a ticket. There are different charges for Flexi saver passenger and Flexi Saver Plus passenger’s minimum charges of $200 and a maximum of $250. Thai airways cancellation fee for Flexi saver passengers is $200. Thai Airways Ticket Cancellation fee is for Flexi Saver plus Fare passengers are $100.

Passengers of Royal Silk plus Fare and Full Flex Fare are $100 as Thai airways cancellation fee. If you can start your journey then you will not get any refund amount.

If you want Thai airways cancellation then you have to go Thai airways website. Register your name, number and email id, after email confirmation you will get Thai airways user id. Log in your user id and pay your fees. There is another way also people can visit the Thai Airlines cancellation team and pay all charges or any refund amount. Thai airways cancellation charges depend on which designation you select. Your routes and class are selected by you.

Thai Airways 24 Hour Cancellation

Thai Airways have some strict rules and regulations for getting Thai airways 24-hour cancellation. Passengers can easily get a refund if they book a flight online. But if you apply for a refund after 48 hours then maybe you will not get a refund. You have to after Thai airways 24- hour cancellation. In that case, you have to contact the customer care representative, by making a call. Thai airways 24-hour cancellation it you get 24/7 their service. The customer care personnel are available 24 hours. Make sure you dial the correct contact number.

Thai Airways customer care representative has solved all issues. Regarding refund, online book flight, changing flight, and current flight status also.

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Guidelines for Thai airways cancellation

If you are buying the ticket online, then first visit that particular website and log in your correct email address or login id and password. After that user can get access to your account check it and click on the manage booking option. Third, you have to select your flight as shown as your ticket, add flight name and number correctly. Add the passenger’s contact number and name and click on the next steps. After that press cancels button and continues to complete your cancellation process. If you want Thai airways cancellation or Thai airways flight cancellation online simply apply by using these guidelines.

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Refund on Thai airways cancellation

  • If a person cancels their Thai airways flight ticket within 24 hours of booking flight, then you are getting a full amount refund without any cancellation charges.
  • If a person cancels their flight ticket after one day then, that person charges some chargeable amount, and only some of the percentage of their ticket will be refunded.
  • If a person fails to cached flight and even not an application for a refund then, that person not get any amount as a refund.

Thai Airways flight ticket cancellation

A Thai Airways flight ticket cancellation is accepted for a person who can submit a request for a refund by sending an email to Thai Airways ‘ official email address. If an individual has trouble canceling a ticket online, then they can send it to our address or email our ticketing office or call our customer support team. Or just call the customer care representative. They will help you and resolve your problems quickly.