Alaska is a popular US airline. The customer-centric attitude, the industry-leading reliability, and guest rewards have made Alaska airlines reservations the fifth largest airline in the US.

If you want to travel with Alaska airlines and want to have flight booking with them, there are many options for you to make Alaska airlines reservations. One among the below-mentioned processes can be followed to have reservations with them.

Alaska Airlines Offline Reservations Processes

  1. Through the Customer care
  2. By Physically Visiting the Airport
  3. Through airlines Kiosk Centre

Alaska Airlines Online Reservations Processes

  1. Online Booking through the website
  2. Online Booking through the app

Now, we will have a look at these processes in detail. The step by step process in all these methods is also mentioned.

Offline Processes

In the case of offline processes the Alaska Airlines booking can be done without the use of internet and computer or smartphone. You have to either physically call the customer care department or visit the Airport physically.

Alaska Airlines Reservations Phone Number For Instant Booking

You can call to the Alaska airlines reservations phone number for instant & cheap flight booking. The customer service executive needs to be requested for booking the ticket and following his instructions the tickets can be booked. You have to specify the details of the flight like flight name, travel date and details of the passengers travelling in the flight. Once everything is communicated, you will be asked to do the payment and your tickets will be booked right-away.

Use Airport Ticket Counter For Alaska Airlines Flight Reservations

You can also book your flight tickets by physically visiting the airport. You have to go to the ticket counter located in the airport and provide the necessary details required at the time of booking. Once the seat in the required flight is available, you will be asked to deposit the payment. A hard copy of the ticket will be provided to you at the time of reservations with Alaska airlines.

Through Airlines Kiosk Centre For Alaska Airlines Flight Reservations

You can also have Alaska Airlines booking from the Kiosk centres established by Alaska airline. After providing the essential details and payment, the Kiosk centre will be able to book your ticket and provide you the hard copy of the ticket at the time of booking.

Online Booking

The Online flight booking of the Alaska airlines can be done with a mobile app or directly accessing the Alaska airlines website. The step by step process for the Alaska airlines flight tickets with app and website are mentioned below:

Alaska Airlines Booking through the Website

The step by step process of online Alaska Airlines booking is as follows:

  1. First go to the official website of Alaska airlines, “
  2. After visiting the homepage of the website, you will have to sign in to your account. You should click the sign in button to login to your account.
  3. After you are log in to your account, you have to click on the option, “ Book a ticket”
  4. This will take you to the ticket booking page. You can search the flights based on your preferences like starting location, destination as well as travel date. All the flights matching your search filters will be visible along with the cost of the tickets.
  5. Once you finalize a particular flight, you will be prompted to enter the details of all the passengers that will be travelling by the flight.
  6. Once every think is finalized you will be taken to the payment page, where you can pay the amount through your credit card or debit card.
  7. After the payment is processed, you will get the notification that your ticket is booked.
  8. The details of the ticket will also be sent to your registered email id.

Thus, the above process can be followed to book the ticket online through the website of Alaska airlines.

Alaska Airlines Booking through the app

You can also book the tickets through the official app of Alaska airlines. Otherwise you can download the app from the app store and then install it on your phone. You have to register for the account and then after registering, you will be required to log in to the app.

Once you have login to the app, you have to follow the same process that you followed with the website to book the ticket online. After the above steps are followed, you will be sent a notification on email about the details of your booked ticket.

Let’s check out some of the reasons for which you may consider travelling by Alaska:

Pocket-friendly rates and guaranteed price:

the lowest price guarantee is an excellent feature of Alaska airlines. You can make Alaska flight booking by visiting the official site. Within twenty-four hours of your purchase, if you find the Alaska flight in another location at a lower price, which should be at least ten dollars or less. You can fill in the price guarantee request form in such cases, and the differential amount will be paid back to you. If you are unsure about your travel date, our low fare calendar will come to your rescue. Check the box of ‘Flexible dates’ on the booking form, and this will allow you to find the lowest fare available for specific dates. You can see the entire month of fare and can also filter your search at your convenience. 

Alaska Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy:

If you have purchased tickets in urgency and if your flight is scheduled to depart after twenty-four hours or more than your purchase timing, you can cancel the same without paying any cancellation fees. However, if your flight departs before twenty-four hours, you will need to pay change or cancellation fees. 

Service excellence: Quality remains the top priority of Alaska airlines

20-minute baggage guarantee:

Alaska has a 20-minute baggage policy incorporated since 2010, which states that if your bags are not at the baggage claim when the flight arrives at the gate, you will be refunded a twenty-five dollars discount code which you can utilize in any of your future travels with Alaska. The airline authorities can also give you a two thousand five hundred Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan bonus miles. 

A plethora of entertainment choices within the flight:

Alaska airlines allow you to watch free movies and TV shows on your device while flying. This is a popular feature and is highly preferred by people. If you forgot your headphones, you need not worry, as you can purchase the same by spending the only dollar three Rupees.

Fresh foods for the gourmets:

If you are a gourmet, then travelling by Alaska can be a delightful experience. The menu includes some signature dishes which will pamper your taste buds.

Free texting during flight:

Alaska allows inflight texting. All you need to do is to add iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp to your phone before commencing the journey. Read the terms and conditions in your ticket for availing the free texting service. 

How to view your reservations or change details of the Alaska reservations?

  • Visit the official page in Alaska
  • Go to the ‘Manage Reservation’ section
  • Enter your name and the confirmation code or ticket number
  • You can then view your details or change the same.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation and refund eligibility

You will be eligible for cancellation and refunds under the below scenario:

  • Your flight tickets were issued at, or if you booked your reservations via Alaska call center or Alaska ticket counter
  • Alaska flight booking ticket must not contain any government fare
  • Your ticket should not be part of a group or vacation package booking
  • If you made Alaska airlines flight reservations utilizing US dollars as the currency
  • In Alaska, there is a 24 hours cancellation policy. Check the information about the 24 hours cancellation in the FAQ section.

Check out the terms and conditions as mentioned in the ticket 

Depending on your ticket, you may need to pay the cancellation fees. The cancellation fee is one hundred and twenty-five dollars per person. Also, when you make a new reservation, you have to pay the difference in ticket price if the original reservation amount exceeds the previous. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage policy:

Let’s learn more about the Alaska baggage policy below:

Carry-on baggage:

During the boarding, you can carry just one bag and one personal item like a purse, briefcase or a laptop. One item should be stowed under the seat in front of you, and you should also be able to lift it to the overhead bin if required. Your bag needs to fit into the measurement criteria for carrying the same. Ensure to measure your bag before deciding to carry the same. If you have any questions or concerns, then you can reach our helpdesk. You can check your bag size at the airport bag sizers. You can also download a baggage ID card from our website, fill the same and place it in your bag. This will help you to get back your bag in case it is misplaced quickly. 

Alaska Airlines Baggage policy

Checked baggage:

Certain items are exempt from bag charges. Are you a Alaska Airlines credit card holder, an Elite level Mileage Plan member, or US military personnel, then a baggage fee waiver will be applicable for you. If your bag’s weight exceeds what is allowed, you will have to pay a hundred dollars for bags weighing between fifty-one to a hundred lbs. If your travel includes multiple airlines, then the baggage rules will also be determined by the regulations of that flight.

Baggage issues:

If you find any problems related to your baggage, you must immediately report the same to get a refund. It would help if you kept the original receipts and print outs of the tickets to claim compensation. You can fill out the form for a statement of damage and missing property. If your bag is misplaced, then we aim to find the same within 48 hours and deliver the recovered bags to your home or hotel at your convenience. You will be reimbursed in case of damages, but you will need to produce significant proofs. 

 Special baggage:

If you decide to carry prohibited items, you must inform the airport authorities and the flight authorities well in advance. Please read the below rules related to firearms and ammunition transport:

  • You must be eighteen years or more for carrying the firearms
  • The firearm must be secured in a closed box. The box shall be locked, and only the owner will have the key to the lock. This is to prevent unauthorized usage 
  • The firearms and ammunition can be carried in checked-in luggage only. For ammunition, they must comply with the weight specifications
  • The ammunition must be packaged in the original manufacturer’s packaging.
  • The firearm that you are planning to carry in the Alaska airlines must be unloaded. The container box must not contain any flammable liquids, black powder, bear spray, or other flammable and explosive items.
  • If you are carrying firearms, you must disclose the same in the baggage check
  • While claiming the firearm or other ammunitions in Alaska airlines, you must present the original photo id proof 

Prohibited items:

Some items are not permitted, and you cannot carry them if you have made Alaska airlines reservations. 

Alcohol: Alcohol between twenty-four to seventy percent can be carried as the checked baggage under some restrictions.

  • You can carry up to five liters of alcohol per package and person. The alcohol must be in retail packaging.
  • You are not allowed to carry battery operated and self-balancing devices in Alaska airlines. However, battery-powered and self-folding strollers are permitted.
  • The camping and outdoor equipment are prohibited in Alaska. You can not carry camp stoves, camp fuel cylinders, etc.
  • Dry ice can be carried in checked baggage, and each customer is allowed to carry 5.5 pounds of total dry ice. Wet ice is prohibited in the checked-in baggage. 
  • Marizuna: Alaska airlines do not allow the transport of Marizuna.           

Baggage fees: Baggage fees are waived off for particular items. Let’s see which all items you can carry free of charge:

  • Strollers and car seats: they can be transported without you having to pay any fees for the same. If your stroller has a battery, then you need to refer to the battery and electronics page.
  • Packaged box of pineapples are allowed if you are travelling from Hawaii or Honolulu
  • Protectively packaged wine case: protectively packaged case of wine can be carried if you have a wine mileage plan.
  • During peak season the airport authorities limit the carrying of baggage
  • The electronic smoking device can be carried on a bag, but it must be put on the safety mode to prevent accidental ignitions.

FAQs Related To Alaska Airlines Reservations

Let’s check out the frequently asked questions regarding Alaska airlines and Alaska reservationsHow does the Mileage plan work for Alaska Airlines?

The eligible flights on Alaska airlines will earn one base mileage plan for the actual mile flown. For instance, if you fly a thousand miles, then you can get 1000 base points.Are the Alaska flight tickets refundable?

You can get the refund within twenty-four hours of your purchase. All Alaska flight tickets cannot get refunds. You need to read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing your ticket. If your Alaska flight booking is eligible for a refund then you can get the refund within seven days for credit cards purchase and within twenty business days or you had purchased your ticket by cash What happens if Alaska cancels my flight?

If the Alaska authorities cancel or delay your flight, you will have the option to rebook on the next available flight. or you decide to travel on an alternate day, you can do so. You can as well refund your ticket in such a scenario. Can my flight date be changed on Alaska Airlines?

If you decide to cancel or change your ticket sixty days before departure, you can do so without paying any fees. If you choose to change your ticket within twenty-four hours of your purchase, you also need not pay any fees. In other situations, you will have to pay a fee of one hundred and twenty-five dollars if you do not belong to Gold and 75K elites. You should read and understand the terms and conditions mentioned on your ticket before finalizing your decision under any circumstances.Can my Alaska Airlines miles expire?

If you have an active mileage plan, then your Alaska airlines miles points will remain in your account as long as the Mileage plan exists. However, if your mileage plan account is inactive for two years and there is no activity at all for two years, then your account will expire, and the miles will be deleted.     

List Of Alaska Airlines Contact Number

Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In USA / Canada1-800-252-7522
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In UK001-800-2527522
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Netherlands00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Thailand001-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Taiwan00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Switzerland00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Sweden00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Spain00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Singapore001-800-25275200
Phone Number For Alaska Airlines Reservations1-(800) 481-7386
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Portugal00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Philippines00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Norway00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In New Zealand00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Mexico001-800-252-7522
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Malaysia00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines Main Office206-433-3200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines Lounge1-800-654-5669
Phone Number For Alaska Airlines Lost Baggage1-877-815-8253
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Korea002-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Japan0061-010-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Italy00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Israel014-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Ireland00-800-25275200
International Customer Service Phone Number 
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In India000-800-1001051
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Iceland00-800-252-75200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Hungary00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Hong Kong001-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Germany00-800-25275200
Phone Number Alaska Airlines General Inquiries1-800-654-5669
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In France00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Denmark00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Costa Rica00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Colombia005-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In China00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Cargo1-800-225-2752
Phone Number For Alaska Airlines Car or Vacation Packages1-844-762-0087
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Canada1-800-252-7522
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Bermuda011-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Belgium00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Australia0011-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Argentina00-800-25275200
Phone Number Of Alaska Airlines In Antigua011-800-25275200