The Air Canada Airlines is the largest airline of Canada, when we consider the fleet size as the parameter. Similarly the Air Canada is also the largest airline in Canada when we consider the number of passengers as the measuring parameter. Air Canada airlines was found in the year 1937 and is known to provide charter air transport and scheduled transport to the passengers. It covers about 207 destinations globally. Here, we will have a look at process of Air Canada Airlines Booking in detail.

Reservations and Flight Booking with Air Canada

It is possible to have Flight booking with Air Canada by going for the offline way or by going for the online way. It is very easy and hassle free to book the tickets online. All you will need is a computer or laptop with active internet connection and credit card or debit card to execute the online payment.

Step By step process to book the flight tickets online

It is very easy to book the tickets online with Air Canada and have reservations. You can do this in 2 ways. One through the app and other through the website. The most conventional way to book the tickets online is through the air Canada website.

Here is the step by step process of Flight booking through air Canada website.

  1. First you have to open the official website of Air Canada Airlines,
  2. You will be required to register for an account with the airline, in case you are a new customer and you are booking the tickets online for the first time.
  3. After you have registered the account with your email ID, you will be asked to confirm it by clicking the URL in the confirmation mail sent to you by the airlines.
  4. Once your registration is complete and confirmed, you can login to your account you created with Air Canada.
  5. On logging in to your account, you have to open the homepage and select the option to book the ticket.
  6. You will be taken to the ticket booking page, where you will see several search filters to search the flight of your choice.
  7. You can search the flight based on the starting airport and destination airport.
  8. You will have to also provide your preferred date of travel.
  9. You will get a listing in which different flights will be shown along with date of travel and price of the ticket.
  10. Once you have selected the flight to travel based on the rates shown, you will be prompted to provide the details of the passengers.
  11. You have to provide the name, age, gender and other relevant details of all the passengers.
  12. After you have provided all the details, you will be prompted to do the payment. For that you will be taken to the payment page with your total cost of the ticket shown to you.
  13. You will be given the option to pay for the ticket through the credit card or debit card. You have to select one out of these to execute your payment.
  14. Once you execute the payment through your card, you will get an instant notification about the booking of the ticket.
  15. The details of the ticket will also be mailed to your email Id which you registered with the airline.
  16. You will be provided a confirmation number at the time of booking, which you have to preserve for future references.

The above is the step wise process to have Flight bookings through the website of air Canada airlines.

Now we will have a look at the step by step process to book the air tickets with Air Canada using the mobile app.

  1. First you have to download the official app of the Air Canada airlines from the app store. Fir android you can download from Play-store and for the IPhone, you can download the app from IPhone app store.
  2. After downloading the app, you have to install the app on your mobile device.
  3. You have to register on the app using your mobile number. An OTP will be send for the confirmation of your number.
  4. Once the registration of the account is complete, you can log in and click on the option to book the flight ticket.
  5. After this you have to search for the flights based on your preferences.
  6. After the passengers detail is provided, you will be asked to do the payments.
  7. You can do payments with credit cards, debit cards or UPI as well as online banking.
  8. After the payment is done, you will be notified for the same.
  9. The details including the confirmation number will be sent to your email ID.

Thus, the above is the step by step process for reservations with Air Canada through the mobile app.

Air Canada Booking the tickets offline

You can also book your tickets offline, in case you want to do so. You can physically visit the airport and fill the form and book your tickets from the ticket counter located in the airport. You will be given a form, in which you have to provide your flight details as well as passengers’ details. You can pay in cash or card and book the tickets. The same facilities are also provided by the Kiosk centres of the Air Canada airlines. You can visit one of the Kiosk centre and book your tickets manually.

Another way of offline booking the tickets is to call the customer care and book the tickets by providing details to the customer care executive. You can let the executive know the passengers details and your flight choices. Also the payment can be done through debit or credit card and your tickets will be booked in a flash.

Important aspects to keep in mind while doing Air Canada Airlines Booking

Some of the important things to keep in mind while doing Air Canada Airlines Booking are as follows:

  1. Firstly, if you want to book cheap tickets with Air Canada, you should try to book the tickets as early as possible. At the time of the introduction of the flights, the rates of the flight are minimum and hence cheap tickets can be booked in the beginning.
  2. Try to book the tickets on the days of the week when the cost of ticket is low. The tickets cost during the weekends is higher than the regular days. Hence one can book the tickets on the days except the weekend to get cheap tickets.
  3. It is best to book the tickets manually by going to the airport. This will help you to avoid the extra commissions charged by different agencies and you can avail cheap tickets from Air Canada airlines.
  4. If you want to book your tickets online, you can do a research and find which website is giving you the cheapest ticket. There are many websites which offer huge offers and discount on booking the flight ticket and you should select the one which is providing you the ticket at the minimum cost.

FAQs related to Air Canada Reservations

Some of the important FAQs related to the reservations in Air Canada Airlines are as follows:Is it possible to do Air Canada Airlines Booking offline?

Yes you can book your tickets offline with Air Canada airlines. You can visit the ticket counter in Airport to book the tickets. You can also book the tickets offline by calling the customer care.What is the best way to get cheap tickets of Air Canada airlines

A) The best way to book cheap tickets with Air Canada airlines is to book the tickets well in advance of the date to travel. The earlier you book the tickets, the cheaper will be the tickets.3) Will the payments through the Air Canada airlines payment page will be safe?

A) Yes, the payments done with the Air Canada airlines on the payment page are completely safe. The payment gateway that they use are highly safe and secure.4) Can I do an online check in with Air Canada airlines?

A) Yes, you can do Online Check-in with the Air Canada airlines. You can do it through a computer or also from your phone. The boarding pass in soft form fill be provided to you of which you can take the printout.5) Is it possible to cancel the tickets booked with Air Canada Airlines?

A) Yes, it is possible to cancel the tickets with Air Canada airlines. If due to any reason, your plan of travel is changed, you can cancel the tickets and get the refund as well.

Air Canada Booking Contact Number List

Air Canada Airlines Contact NumbersContact Number
Customer ServicePhone Number
Air Canada Booking Number+1-(800) 491-7386
Air Canada Reservations Contact+1-(800) 481-7376
Air Canada General Inquiries888-247-2262
Air Canada Baggage8886892247
Air Canada General Inquiries (TTY)800-361-8071
Air Canada Group Booking800-361-7585
Air Canada Gift Card855-281-1761