Located in Southeast Asia, the country of Malaysia is a wonderful mix basket of different cultures and represent different things to different travelers. What makes this place so fascinating is its diversity. When traveling to Malaysia, you can explore several beautiful cities, vibrant cultures, colonial architectures, enjoy delicious food and relax on the incredibly beautiful sunny beaches. 

If you are looking for a different cultural experience, or just want to land on an amazing holiday destination, then adding this mesmerizing country, “Malaysia” to your travel list is not going to disappoint you. If it’s your first time to visit Malaysia, then check the following traveling tips to make the most of your trip:


You might already know that holding a visa is vitally important to enter any different region. With an increased number of Indians visiting Malaysia every year, getting a Malaysian visa has become easier and faster.  Obtaining the required paperwork and other important documents beforehand does not need to be complicated, but to ensure that you are able to travel whenever you want to, it’s better that apply for a Malaysian visa early. If you have any doubts about the requirements to apply for a Malaysian visa or want to know about Malaysia single or multiple entry visa fees, get in touch with professionals.


Before leaving for the fascinating country – Malaysia, it’s advisable to visit your family to check health warnings for the place you intend to visit. If you are planning to trek or uncover all the famous places in Malaysia, you will need to consider cover against a number of harmful diseases. A medical professional will be able to advise of some precautions or medicines that you will be needing.


Malaysian food is very popular in Asia, but not worldwide. The food you get in Malaysia is the perfect mix between India and Southeast Asia. However, the one thing that you being the first time visitor need to prepare form is food posing and getting seriously unwell due to the food you are not used to. So, in order to enjoy your trip to the fullest, pack some medications and hope for the best! Don’t forget to try the mouth-watering street food – it’s some of the best across the globe. 


Carrying drugs to Malaysia is seen as a serious offense, regardless of the quantity. The penalties for such illegal activities in Malaysia are fierce including high fines and long-term imprisonment. So, before leaving for Malaysia, make sure to double check your bags and belongings in order to be sure there are no drugs or other questionable items that you are carrying with you.

Malaysia is a fascinating holiday destination with friendly people, eye-catching scenery, and appetizing food and by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind you will surely have an unforgettable traveling experience.