Royal Nepal Airlines Reservations

You might have travelled with various airline companies, but Nepal airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. Royal Nepal Airlines is well-known for providing its passengers with all the advanced facilities that make it currently the best airline. The Nepal Airlines Headquarters are located in different countries. Here we look at the process of Nepal Airlines reservations and the various aspects.

Ways to make Royal Nepal Airlines reservations

The process of Royal Nepal Airlines Reservations can be divided widely into offline approaches and online methods. When we talk about the offline methods, they are the ways in which tickets can be booked without using the internet. Online methods are the methods involving internet, which are used to book the tickets, on the other hand. We’ll look into these both offline and online methods in the next part of this writing in detail.

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Royal Nepal Airlines Booking through the official website

You must follow a step wise process to reserve the tickets if you book tickets using the official website. The main steps to be taken are:

  1. a) Login and Registration
  2. b) Flight search
  3. c) Entering information about passengers

(d) Payment execution

Tickets can be booked with Royal Nepal Airlines if these steps are followed. To make reservations for the Nepal Airlines you need a computer or laptop with active internet connection. You also need sufficient balance to pay for the tickets on your credit card or debit card.

The same process must be followed when you book tickets with the Nepal airlines official app. In the cases of the website and the app, the registration process is different. In the case of an official website, an email confirmation is required and in the case of the official app, an OTP confirmation is required.

The process is the same for both the app and the site following registration and login. The steps are simple and tickets can be booked for all those who have sufficient information about internet and websites.

Royal Nepal Airlines reservations Using phone number

There are different other important ways to book Nepal Airlines without any hassles. These methods are the offline ways to reserve the tickets. One of these methods is calling the customer care executive or Nepal Airlines Domestic Contact Number. You must inform him that you want to book tickets when you call the customer care executive. The Customer Care person will lead you through the entire ticket reservation process. You will have to answer several questions to book your ticket.Finally, he will request that you pay by using the payment options available. When payment is finished, he will confirm that your tickets are reserved.

We have therefore seen in detail how tickets can easily be booked by calling Nepal Airlines Domestic Contact Number without going anywhere. Now no travel agency is required to book tickets because you can reserve tickets yourself using the above methods.

Royal Nepal Airlines Official App Reservation

Now that we’ve reviewed the process of booking Royal Nepal airlines tickets through Nepal Airlines’ official website. We will now have a look at the ticket reservation process via the Nepal Airlines’ official app. The Nepal Airlines’ official app also offers the online way to reserve tickets. The app will not work without the internet and you won’t be able to reserve your tickets via the official app without the internet. This method is therefore regarded as the online method for reservations.

Users with the app have a different registration process as compared to the official website. You use your mobile number instead of the email id and make an OTP confirmation, rather than an email confirmation. After you successfully complete your OTP confirmation, your registration process is complete and you can log in to the application with the credentials you use during your registration.

You will be taken to a welcome screen and many different options will be shown if you sign in to the app using your identifications. One of the options shown is to reserve the Nepal airlines tickets and you have to click here. Click on this option to go to the screen to search the favourite flight according to your preferences. Many search filters are displayed and you must enter the search value of these search filters. When the search button is clicked, different flights are presented together with their costs based on the filters you selected. You must see all the options displayed and choose the best option you want to go with. The best flight from the displayed options needs to be selected, then the book ticket button is clicked and the next screen is taken.

You will have to enter passengers’ information into the system after the selection of the flight has been made. The passengers must provide various details, some of which are names, ages and genders. All passenger information must be entered and the next button must be clicked to continue booking.

Upon successful completion of the above-mentioned process, the entire payment is shown on the payment screen based on the full cost of the ticket. There will also be several different payment options that can be used for the payment. You must select one of the options and make the payment. Debit or credit card or the UPI are the most common payment options displayed. Your credit card or account should have the balance to cover ticket costs and you will receive the confirmation that your tickets have been reserved when the payment is successfully executed from your side. The ticket details will also be sent to your email id and you will receive a confirmation number that can be used for future references.

This was the ticket reservations process using the Royal Nepal Airlines official app. The process is totally safe and the money you get with this platform is safe when you transact. Websites and applications are available from many third parties, from which tickets can be reserved for the Nepal airlines. The authenticity of these platforms will be up to you and that platform should be found that gives you the ticket at the best rates. You will always want to find a platform that provides you with the most discounts and deals and offers cheap airline tickets.

Royal Nepal Airlines Reservations Offline Methods

Royal Nepal Airlines flight booking By calling the Customer Service department

The customer care department of Nepal airlines is operated through the Nepal Airlines Headquarters. Call the customer support department on Nepal Airlines Domestic Contact Number and booking your tickets is the most common method for offline Nepal Airlines Reservations. You can let the CCE know that you want tickets to be reserved when calling the customer service. The details of the journey and the flight that you want to travel will be requested. After the above, information of the passengers travelling on the flight will be requested. The passengers’ details, including name, age, etc. are required.

You are requested to pay and once your payment is made, you will be informed that your ticket is booked successfully. The process of reserving the tickets is very simple and the ticket is reserved on the phone call.

Royal Nepal Airlines reservations By going to the Airport Ticket Counter

Another way of Royal Nepal Airlines bookings is to physically visit the airport and to book tickets from the airport ticket counter. You can go to the airport to book your tickets if you go near the airport. You will be presented with a form, which you must fill out properly, in the booking counter. Form should be completed with flight details, date of flight as well as passenger details.

The total cost of tickets will be notified to you and you can pay according to your preferred option of payment. The tickets can also be paid in cash because this option is available at the booking desk. You will be given a hard copy of your ticket, which you must maintain for the upcoming reference.

The cheapest way for reservations of tickets is to book tickets through the ticket counter at the airport, as cheap tickets at airport are available. When you book your tickets through an agent or a third party platform, there are no commissions usually charged. You can get Cheap Airline Tickets to Nepal from USA through this method as well.

Booking the Nepal airlines tickets through the Kiosk centres

The airlines in the city have many Kiosk centres which can be used for reserving tickets. This is another offline way to book tickets via Kiosk centre. Here you are also asked to inform the officer about your ticket reservation requirements. Details such as passenger details and flight details must be provided in order to book tickets. The officer will book your ticket when he takes the information from you. When booking air tickets through the Kiosk centre, you can pay by credit, debit card or cash. If you want to book Cheap Airline Tickets to Nepal from USA, you can book your tickets through the Kiosk Centre.

The above are the offline methods for booking the Nepal airline.

Nepal Airlines Baggage Rules

There are many rules established by the Nepal airlines for carrying extra baggage. You can carry one baggage free of cost on the flight. If you carry the extra baggage, you have to pay extra charges for each extra baggage. Hence it is best to carry minimum baggage while boarding the flight. The Nepal Airlines Baggage Rules can be confirmed by calling the customer care department.

Nepal Airlines Cancellation Policy

The Nepal airlines has established a detailed cancellation policy for the cancellation of the tickets. Some of the important point of Nepal Airlines Cancellation Policy are as follows:

  • 24 hours free cancellation is the main clause of Cancellation policy.
  • Free cancellation for refundable tickets is provided by the Nepal airlines.
  • Charges are deducted for cancellation of non-refundable tickets as well as for cancellation after 24 hours.


The following are certain FAQs concerning the Nepal airline:

1) Can I cancel my tickets with Nepal airlines after I have booked them?

  1. A) Yes, at any time, if you want, you can cancel tickets. The reimbursement of the same shall also be allowed.

2) Can I upgrade my Nepal Airlines ticket seats?

  1. A) Yeah, you can upgrade the business class tickets. The additional costs of the upgraded seats must be paid.

3) Can I take pet on the journey with me?

  1. A) Yes, on the flight, you can bring your pet with you.

4) Am I going to be charged extra baggage charges?

  1. A) Yes, the additional baggage you carry on the flight has an extra flat charge.

5) Is my cancelled ticket going to receive the refund?

  1. A) Yes, you have the right to refunds when your tickets are cancelled. The exact reimbursement is subject to variation.

Find The List Of Royal Nepal Airlines Contact Number Worldwide

Departments & LocationsPhone Number
Contact Royal Nepal Airlines In Dubai For Reservations Query04 282 8291
Nepal Airlines Bangalore Office Contact Number14248607
Nepal Airlines Corporation Building Contact Number977-1-4220757
Nepal Airlines Corporation Building Email
Nepal Airlines Corporation Building Fax Number977-1-4225348
Nepal Airlines Helpline Number4220757
Royal Nepal Airlines For International Flight Information1618070757020
Royal Nepal Airlines Abu Dhabi23092814
Royal Nepal Airlines Ajman06 7422775
Royal Nepal Airlines Bajura9848173795
Royal Nepal Airlines Bangkok, Thailand898956120
Royal Nepal Airlines Bengaluru080-42041456/ 080-42041457
Royal Nepal Airlines Bengaluru Mobile Number9513893330
Royal Nepal Airlines Benguluru Email
Royal Nepal Airlines Bhadrapur9841760343
Royal Nepal Airlines Bhairahawa071-522477
Royal Nepal Airlines Bhojpur9841705004
Royal Nepal Airlines Biratnagar9864477114
Royal Nepal Airlines Chaurjhari9848064555
Royal Nepal Airlines Contact Number098115 30789
Royal Nepal Airlines Contact Number In Dubai, Uae971 544 311 750
Royal Nepal Airlines Contact Number In Pokhara9846385133
Royal Nepal Airlines Contact Number Mumbai022 4203 4270
Royal Nepal Airlines Dang9848475651
Royal Nepal Airlines Delhi919811530789
Royal Nepal Airlines Delhi Email
Royal Nepal Airlines Delhi Office Contact Number098115 30789
Royal Nepal Airlines Delhi Reservation & Sales91 11 ‎43640497
Royal Nepal Airlines Dhangadi9861129788
Royal Nepal Airlines Doha, Qatar974 6656 0833
Royal Nepal Airlines Doha, Qatar
Royal Nepal Airlines Dolpa9868190727
Royal Nepal Airlines Domestic And International Air Services4248614, 4248625
Royal Nepal Airlines Domestic Flight Contact Number1618070757010
Royal Nepal Airlines Dubai Office Contact Number1-(800) 481-7386
Royal Nepal Airlines Email Address In Dubai
Royal Nepal Airlines Email Address Narita
Royal Nepal Airlines Head Office Contact Number16600110787
Royal Nepal Airlines Head Office Email
Royal Nepal Airlines Head Office Fax Number977-01-4225348
Royal Nepal Airlines Hong Kong00852-23-756094
Royal Nepal Airlines Hopng Kong Email
Royal Nepal Airlines Jomsom69440081
Royal Nepal Airlines Jumla9848300944
Royal Nepal Airlines Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia00603-26987933
Royal Nepal Airlines Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Royal Nepal Airlines Lamidanda9741046299
Royal Nepal Airlines Lukla038-38550087
Royal Nepal Airlines Mumbai91-8879776136
Royal Nepal Airlines Mumbai Email
Royal Nepal Airlines Narita, Japan103-0012
Royal Nepal Airlines Nepalgunj9858084357
Royal Nepal Airlines Online Ticketing Issues Email
Royal Nepal Airlines Phaplu9743032272
Royal Nepal Airlines Reservation & Ticketing02-2667146-47
Royal Nepal Airlines Reservation & Ticketing Email
Royal Nepal Airlines Reservations And Sales44318080, 44317070
Royal Nepal Airlines Reservations Query Email
Royal Nepal Airlines Rukum9851127511
Royal Nepal Airlines Rumjatar9841698178
Royal Nepal Airlines Sanfebagar9848565774
Royal Nepal Airlines Simara9860111746
Royal Nepal Airlines Simikot9848309719
Royal Nepal Airlines Talcha9848308620
Royal Nepal Airlines Taplejung9844632241
Royal Nepal Airlines Thamkharka9849933109