There are a lot of people who love to visit and enjoy the various parts of the world. The airlines of these different companies are preferred by these people to travel to these parts of the world. In this article, we shall look at various ways to arrange reservations of the Cathay Pacific airlines.

Cathay Pacific’s online and offline methods for reserving Cathay Pacific Flights are broadly described in this write-up. Here, we will examine in detail the online methods first. The methods online for the Cathay Pacific Reservations are the methods in which Internet is used. The platform for reserving tickets can only work online and therefore only by using the Internet in online reservation methods is the reservation made.

Ways to make Cathay Pacific reservations

In offline processes and online processes Cathay Pacific reservations can be divided. Cathay Pacific Flights Booking is made without internet usage during offline processes. The internet is used as a medium for making reservations during online processes. In the following section, we will look carefully at both processes.

Cathay Pacific Bookings offline

  1. a) Cathay Pacific Customer Service Reservations
  2. b) Visiting Airport for Cathay Pacific Reservations
  3. c) Visiting Kiosk Centre for Cathay Pacific Reservations

Cathay Pacific Online bookings

  1. a) Reservation of Cathay Pacific flight by app
  2. b) Web site booking of Cathay Pacific Flight

Cathay Pacific Flight Reservations Using Official website

You should follow the following step-by-step process when booking the tickets via the official Cathay Pacific Airlines website.

  • First you must visit the Cathay Pacific Airlines’ official website at
  • You can register with the official website after visiting the homepage. Details must be provided and you must register for your account on the website.
  • During the registration process you are required to provide an email confirmation. You can log in with the credentials you have registered on the website after registration has been completed.
  • You will see the option for reserving tickets once you log on to the website. You will be taken to the page on which you can search for your flights when you click the ticket booking option.
  • A lot of search filters are available to search your flight. Search filters such as the origin-airport and the destination-airport can be used for flight searching along with the journey date.
  • All flights that rely on your preferences are listed with their cost when you click on the search button.
  • Your best flight can be selected and flights can be booked. The passenger information such as age, name, etc. will also be requested.
  • You will have to proceed with payment after you have given the passenger details and you will be taken to the payment page. You can pay with a debit card credit card or a UPI option on the payment page.
  • You will receive notification that your ticket is booked once the transaction has taken place from your side.
  • The ticket details will be sent to your email ID. A confirmation number that you must preserve for future use will also be provided.

This is the online booking process for Cathay Pacific airlines on the Cathay Pacific Airlines official website. It is very simple and the step-by-step guidelines can be easily followed when booking tickets.

Cathay Pacific Flight Booking Using mobile app

Now, through the official application of the Cathay Pacific airlines, we’ll look at the Cathay Pacific Reservations process. To install the app, you will need a mobile device. You will also need to have an internet connection on the device to use this method. Following is the step-by-step process of this method:

  1. Installation and download
  2. Registration and Login
  3. Flight search
  4. Passenger information
  5. Payment execution

These are the five important steps in making Cathay Pacific Reservations through the official app of Cathay Pacific Airlines. Download and install the app on your device during the first step. The app can be downloaded from the play store or app store depending on the device you operate, and the app can be installed after it has been downloaded. You must open the app and register once the installation is complete. To register, you are required to perform an OTP check. You can log into your account with the app after registration is complete. In the event of a problem the reservation number of Cathay Pacific Airlines can be called.

You can click on the ticket reservation option when you log in. You will be taken to a screen to look for your flight. Various flights will be listed together with their costs based on your preferences. The list can be screened and the best one can be selected. When you select the flight, you are transferred to the next screen, which shows the passengers details who are travelling on the flight. The final step is the payment execution, which will be notified to you when your tickets are booked successfully. Therefore, this is the easy way to book Cathay Pacific Flights through the Cathay Pacific official app.

Offline Methods

Cathay Pacific Airlines Customer Service Phone Number          

The first offline way to book the ticket is by calling the Cathay Pacific Customer Service. The Executive will help you to book your tickets when you call the Cathay Pacific Phone Number. You must tell the executive the flight in which you would like to travel. You must let him know your flight’s preferences as well as the journey date and number of passengers on the flight. On the basis of the information, the manager will examine the availability and book the tickets for you if the seats are available. You will be requested to pay by credit or debit card. Once the payment has been made successfully, you will receive confirmation that your ticket has been reserved. This is the easy process to book the ticket with the Cathay Pacific Customer Service.

Cathay Pacific Booking Tickets at the Airport

The next important way to reserve a ticket from Cathay Pacific Airlines is to visit the airport physically and book the tickets offline. You must visit the airport and go to the airport reservation desk. You will receive a form to fill in in the booking counter, in which you must fill in the details of your flight and passenger details that are going to travel with the flight. The executive will book tickets for you on the basis of the seats available when you give the completed form to the executive. You can use the available payment options to pay for the tickets. When payment has been completed successfully, your ticket will be confirmed. You will receive a hard copy of the ticket physically via the airport reservation centre when you book the ticket.

Cathay Pacific Reservations Using KIOSK Centre

Another offline method for Cathay Pacific Reservations is to reserve tickets from the Kiosk Centres in various parts of the city. You will be supported for your ticket reservations if you go to this kiosk centre and let them know about your requirements. The passengers’ info for all who travel by flight must be provided to them in detail. You must also provide your airport information and other preferences on the date of travel, origin and destination airports. The executive books the tickets after knowing your preferences. You will be requested to pay based by the payment options available. You will have your tickets booked and receive a confirmation of the payment from their side.

The above are the Cathay Pacific Airlines Bookings offline methods. Now we’ll have a look at some of the FAQs related to travel in the flight.

Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy 

The baggage policy of Cathay Pacific airlines state that extra charges for the extra baggage will be charged from the passengers. Hence it is better that the passengers carry minimum baggage with them on the flight. More details can be found by calling the customer care.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Policy        

The Cathay Pacific Flight Cancellation policy offer a 24 hours free cancellation. That is no fees is charged for cancellation within 24 hours of booking. Also one can get full refund on the cancelled tickets if the tickets are of refundable type. In case of any query you can call the Cathay Pacific Phone Number.

FAQs related to Cathay Pacific Airlines

Let us look at some FAQs concerning Cathay Pacific Airlines travel:

Can I cancel Cathay Pacific Airlines tickets once I have booked them?

Yes, once booked by Cathay Pacific Airlines, you can cancel your tickets. This is possible through manage booking section of Cathay Pacific Airlines’ official website.

Can I upgrade my Cathay Pacific Airlines tickets once they have been booked?

Yes, if the business class section is available, you can upgrade your tickets to the business class. For business class tickets you will be charged additional charges. That’s the extra payment you have to make.

Can my cancelled ticket receive 100% refund?

Yes, 100% refund on your cancelled tickets can be obtained as long as your tickets are cancelled within 24 hours after booking. You have the right to a 100% refund if your tickets are refundable.

What is Cathay Pacific Airlines Tickets’ most convenient way to book?

The best way to book tickets for Cathay Pacific airlines is to call our customer service to reserve the tickets. You just have to make a telephone call and can book your tickets instantaneously.

How do I get Cathay Pacific Airlines cheap tickets?

A) You should try reserving your tickets as early as possible to get Cathay Pacific Airlines’ cheap tickets. The earlier you book tickets, the cheaper tickets you will get.

Cathay Pacific Service Airlines Book Flight Contact Number List

Cathay Pacific Airlines International contact Number

CountryToll-Free Number
United Arab Emirates8000 8520 2816
Turkey008 008 529 2219
Sri Lanka(011) 242 2209
South Africa080 098 1589
Saudi Arabia800 885 2008
Netherlands080 0022 4229
Italy800 872 726
Indonesia001 803 852 2212
India000 800 852 1290
Bahrain800 04403
CityToll-Free NumberFax NumberEmail Address
Zagreb381 11 2631 327
Vienna43 (1) 585
Vancouver1 (800) 268-6868
Toronto1 (800) 268-6868
Tel Aviv972 3 798
Sydney1800 687 195
(31) 869-0821
Siem Reap1800-209-783
Seoul82 (32)
Sao Paulo(55) 11
Santiago56 (2) 2754-6875
San Salvador507 301
San Jose506 2257
Rome39 06 833 9
Riyadh8008 440
Ras Al Khaimah8000 444
Prague420 (234)
Perth1800 129
Paris33 (0)1 8403 &
locations of India
Mumbai91(22)66859002 /
Melbourne1800 129 264
Medan(61) 836-750-9468
Maldives960 3315366
Kuwait965 22461280/1
Khobar852 2747
Kathmandu(1) 444
Karachi92 (21) 3521
Jeju82 (64) 749 8701
Jeddah8008 440
Jakarta62 (21)
Istanbul0090 212
Islamabad92 (21) 3521
Hong Kong852 2747-3333
& Quito
2 362-8018
Frankfurt0800 –
Dublin1 800 812113 (toll free)
Dubai8000 444
Doha974 44458318/
001-803-852-9072 /
Damascus963 (11) 222
& Dhaka
880 2 9846801 ext
Cairns1800 129 264
Brussels0800 81871
Bogota57 320 275
88 (02) 890 1785, +880 17 1403 176688 (02) 890
Athens30 210 3274 985/
Argentina54 (11) 5274
Amman962 (6) 5605061
Al Ain8000 444
Ajman8000 444
Adelaide1800 687 509
Abu Dhabi8000 444