The Allegiant airlines is a US based airlines company that is ninth largest in the US. It is a low cost airline, in which the scheduled and charter flights are operated. This airlines company was found in 1997 with the Name Westjet express. Later it was renamed as Allegiant airlines.

If you want to travel to different parts of the world, you can consider the Allegiant airlines as your travel option. It is easy to Allegiant Airlines Reservations or having book a ticket with the Allegiant airlines. Here, we will have a look in detail, the process of  Allegiant Flights booking with Allegiant airlines.

Process of Booking Tickets With Allegiant Airlines

The tickets with the Allegiant airlines can be booked or Allegiant Airlines Booking can be done through the offline as well as online mode. Let’s have a look at both these offline and online options, one by one.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations Offline Options 

In the offline option, the first one is Flight booking through the customer care. You have to call in the customer care department and then let them know about the required details. You will be required to provide the date of journey, origin and destination stations as well as details of the passengers travelling in the flight. You will be asked to do the payment and once the payment is done your ticket will be booked successfully.

The other offline Allegiant flight booking option is by visiting the airport physically. You can visit to the ticket booking counter located at the Allegiant airlines airport and book the ticket manually. You have to fill a form providing the details of your flight as well as details of the passengers. Based on the availability of seats, you will be provided with the Allegiant air reservations. 

Online Options of booking the tickets

You can also book your tickets online. All you will need a computer and an active internet connection on it. You will be prompted to do the payments through your credit or debit card. In the online options of Allegiant airlines flight reservations, the booking through the airlines website and booking through the app are the major ones. We will have a look at both of these options in detail.

Online Ticket booking through the Allegiant Website

In the booking process through the website, following steps need to be followed:

  1. First, you have to open the official website of Allegiant airlines,
  2. After you have visited the home page of Allegiant website, you should do the login to your account. You should be registered with Allegiant airlines to log in. If you are new, first you have to do there registration and after the registration, the log in to the account can be done.
  3. After log in you have to click the option of “ Book a Flight”
  4. Once you click on the option for flight booking, you can search for the flights of your choice. You can search on the basis of type of trip, date of trip, origin and destination. The costs of the flights will be also displayed to you.
  5. Once you have finalized your flight, the next step is to proceed for the payment and booking the ticket.
  6. You will be provided with the option to pay through the debit card as well as through credit card based on your preferences. 
  7. Once you complete the payment, you will get the notification of successful booking of your Allegiant Airlines Reservations.
  8. The details of the ticket will be mailed to your registered email Id, which you can use for future reference.

Thus, the above is the complete process of booking the tickets online through the Allegiant air website. 

Booking the ticket through the app

You can also book your flight tickets with the Allegiant air app as well. You have to install the app on your phone and register for an account. After registering you have to login to the app. You will be provided with the option to book the tickets.

  1. Click on the option to book tickets
  2. Search for your required flight
  3. Provide the details of passengers
  4. Proceed with the payment

The above actions need to be performed to book the ticket through the app. Here also, the notification of successful booking will be provided and details will be mailed on your email address.

Important aspects allied to Reservations with Allegiant Airlines

Some of the important things that must be kept in mind after you have done your flight booking with the Allegiant airlines are:

  1. Once you have booked your ticket with Allegiant airlines, you will get the confirmation number. This confirmation number will be provided to the user online as well as in the email. This should be kept for future references.
  2. The check in to the flight can be done through various modes. Physical check in and online check-in facilities, both options are available in the case of Allegiant airlines
  3. One has the option to cancel the tickets and get the refund for the ticket. The cancellation process can be initiated by visiting the Manage My Trip section of the website.
  4. Changes to the travel itinerary can also be done by visiting the Manage Trip section the website. Changes like seat upgrading can also be performed based on the availability and in turn of the extra payments for extra costs of the tickets. 

Booking Cheap Tickets with Allegiant Airlines

If you want to book cheap tickets with Allegiant airlines and want to save money, you should book the tickets in advance and as early as possible. This is due to the fact that at the time of introduction of the flights, the flight tickets are very cheap. As more and more tickets are sold, the prices of the flight tickets start increasing. You will get very cheap tickets 8-9 months before the scheduled departure of the flights and at the time of the introduction of the tickets.

If you know the date of your flight, well in advance, you should book the tickets well before your travel date to get cheap tickets with Allegiant airlines. In case of the Allegiant airlines, the prices of the tickets are increased after every 10 seats are solved. So try to book the tickets well in advance with the Allegiant airlines. 

Another way of having cheap Allegiant Airlines Booking is to visit the airport physically and booking the ticket. This option of visiting the airport and booking the tickets will help you to get cheap tickets and you can save a lot of money on your tickets. Hence, if you are on a drive and are near to the airport, you can go to the airport and book your tickets manually.

Allegiant Airlines Boarding pass and baggage

We have seen in detail, the process of having reservations with Allegiant airlines. On the day of your flight, when you will do the check in, you will be provided with a boarding pass. You have to show this boarding pass to the authorities before boarding the plane. You can take the printout of the boarding pass in the online format and can also take the soft copy of the boarding pass on your phone.

FAQs Related To Allegiant Airlines Reservations

Some of the FAQs related to the Allegiant Airlines Booking and travelling with the Allegiant airlines are mentioned below:

Is it possible to have reservations with Allegiant Airlines through the offline mode?

Yes, the tickets with Allegiant airlines can be booked through the offline mode. You can visit the airport physically as well as can call the customer care to book the tickets in the offline mode.

What are the payment options available for ticket booking with Allegiant airlines?

In the online booking, you can pay through the debit or credit card, and in case of physically booking the ticket as the airport, cash can also be used.

What is the process of booking cheap tickets with Allegiant airlines?

In order to book cheap tickets, you should book your tickets as early as possible and well before the scheduled departure date of the flight. Booking the tickets in advance will help you to get cheap tickets.

Is it possible to make changes to the ticket, once it is booked?

Yes you can make changes to your booked ticket by visiting the manage trip section of the website or app. You can also cancel the ticket and get the refund available on the cancellation of the ticket.

What are the available options for check-in?

You can do check-in through both by online mode or by physically visiting the airport. Check in by the mobile option is also available with the Allegiant airlines.

It is very easy for everyone to book tickets with Allegiant airlines. All you will need is a device like computer or smartphone as well as an active internet connection on these devices. You will also need a debit or credit card with available balance to pay for the cost of the ticket.